Friday, April 30, 2010

First Animatic!

It looks like I've got quite the film to take on. Almost six minutes. But I think I can do it. A few more camera tweaks to make and some adjustments with the story. I'm hoping to have some more character and concept art up here soon.

As for the music, the songs used in order are A `Quai by Yann Tieren, Dark Eyes by Zolton and his Gypsy Ensemble, and Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy. I don't plan on using these specific songs for the film (even though I've pretty fallen in love with the first one ^_^) but they have the feel I'm going for. Though I wish the middle one was more "circus-y". I was originally looking for all piano but I'm really feeling good about the accordion now. I might I have to learn how to make music digitally because I'm pretty limited to my musical instruments. I can do drums or piano but no accordion or violin.

I'm excited to start this film. The goal is to have layouts, backgrounds, and all concept art tackled before the next school year starts. I'll have to balance it with finishing my other film, Enviosity, all my summer commission jobs, and all the things to do at home. But it's better that I start this sooner rather than later.


JustDang said...

whoaaa The music fits so well Erin! Nicely done on editing too =D I love how the scenes match up with the background songs

Erin Greener said...

I couldn't have done it without you, Hoang. You helped me find the music ^^