Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting Colorful: Starting the Backgrounds

So I was up all night messing around in Photoshop and trying to work out some color ideas for my backgrounds and I came up with something like this. I am a gradient fiend and can't seem to do much rendering without them, but I also want to pull in some illustrated techniques into it too. This is the most complicated background in my film so hopefully all the rest of the backgrounds will go much faster once I have an established rendering style for them. Fellow filmmakers, please share your input. I really appreciate it.

Fully Rendered

Line work from Layout drawing


Kevin Ingrassia said...

I like it Erin,

Though you might want to think about darkening the colors that are not being lit and maybe punching out the glow a bit more. It may help to give it a more sinister feel. But it's looking really great so far. I like that the tree is a hand :P


Anonymous said...

It's a very minor criticism, but I don't think you should change the "Wonder" sign. I recognize the font, and I don't think it fits well with the rest of the lettering.

Everything else is great though, keep it up!