Thursday, March 31, 2011

Updated Work Reel for End of March

It's been far too long since the last work reel post. There is still a lot of things not in the reel yet like cleaned and colored animations. I'm still looking for folks who can help me with that. There's a lot to color and the more help I get the faster the film gets done. There is still a little more than 30 days left to work on the film before the deadline so it's back to the animation table for me!

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Jeff said...

Looking good, Erin. It's coming together. I think the sequence when the acrobat morphs into the bunny and bounces all over the place is a bit long, but I feel once it's inbetweened it will either go faster or feel like it's faster because there's constant movement. The animation has improved quite a bit since Enviosity.

The acrobats remind me of Luke Atmey.

And congrats on the Stratton scholarship :)