Sunday, September 19, 2010

Designing the Witch

I spent this weekend working on the design of the witch that appears in the climax of the film. She doesn't get a lot of screen time but she is the main villain of the film. The witch is controlling the circus from deep within. She is like the heart, the tent is the body, and the acrobats and performers are the blood. To show her connection with the circus, the curtain walls flow out from her dress and form the tent. I also wanted to bypass one of the biggest villain clich├ęs, which is that the bad guy has to wear dark clothes. There is no black in her outfit because 1.) The tent is red and white so her clothes have to be red and white 2.) black accessories would be too predictable 3.) all the acrobats are wearing black so I don't want her to be confused for an acrobat. Her dress is broken up into sections to allow me a little bit of room to divide up the animation. If her head and shoulders are moving but her waist is stationary, I can get away with only animating from the belt up.

I was surprised how much thought I put into just her hair style. The desired criteria was that the style had to be flashy enough for the circus, simple enough to draw over and over again, and something that an old lady would do with her hair. I decided to go with my original design because it is composed of simple shapes and I found the vintage feathered headband to be a nice little detail.

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