Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Production Schedule! First Draft

Before I can actually start making everything, I need to plot out my time accordingly so I know when everything is due and how much time I have to work on it. I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that I'm going to have to make some changes to it along the line. This schedule covers up until Winter break in December.


Dark Circus Production Schedule

Film by: Erin greener

Semester: Fall

Sept 19- Finalizing Animatic (story edits, finish boards, final cut)

Sept 20- Begin character concept art (orthos, color studies, anatomical breakdowns, etc.) Begin all layouts.

Sept 18- blog update

Sept 22- Artist statement and bio due

Oct 2- blog update

Oct 8- Background layouts due. Begin scanning and setting up for Photoshop coloring

Oct 13- Resume and cover letter due. All character concept sheets drawn and colored

Oct 15- Character layouts due. Begin background coloring in Photoshop.

Oct 16- blog update

Oct 17- Shot List, progress chart, and blog updates

Oct 18- Begin keying animations

Oct 20- Thesis Presentation/ midterm critique (updated schedule, Artist Statement, Bio, Resume, Cover letter, blog). All Concept art due.

Oct 22 to Oct 24- Ottawa International Animation Festival. Continue filling out production sketchbook.

Oct 25- Begin work on Dark Circus Trailer and promo art

Oct 30- blog update

Nov 13- blog update

Nov 22- Promo art due

Nov 24- Demo Reel and trailer rough cuts due

Nov 25 to Nov 28- Thanksgiving break. Prep for possible work suspension until Monday

Nov 27- blog update

Dec 11- blog update

Dec 12- All Preproduction due. Work reel with scratch track.

Dec 15- Final Deliverables due. Demo Reel, blog, Updated documents

Dec 18 through Jan 9- Winter Break. Have all backgrounds colored before classes resume.


As pre-production rolls along, I'll have a better feel for many assets I have to make and how long it takes me to make them so I will try adapting a system of weekly checklists.

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