Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nippen the Cat

I am a lifelong lover of cats. I have had them my whole life and it would be insane of me not to weave my appreciation of cute kitties into this film somehow. Macey's cat, Nippen, is her friend and her delivery partner. When it's time to make a bread run, Nippen lets his wings out and they fly to their customers. He plays an important role in the film as a personification of instinct and good judgement as well as Macey's fuzzy little guardian.

Choosing a breed for Nippen was no sweat. I had a cat in mind that was big, powerful, sturdy, smart, loving, fluffy, friendly, and had an instinctual knack for the outdoors. It's the Maine Coon.

Nippen has to be a big and powerful enough of a cat to carry a little girl. I know, I know. Even the strongest house kitty on earth couldn't move a human child but use your imagination! It's a movie! I figured that the maine coon was the perfect design for Nippen because of their big muscular bodies, soft fluffy coats, and large expressive facial features. Also, Maine coons are one of the few breeds of the semi-long hair group that come in solid colors as well as patterns. I'm still not 100% positive on the color (I'm thinking white or cream) but I am sure that he'll be a solid colored cat with no markings or patches.

I didn't take the photos. I googled them.

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